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Una web sobre la literatura filipina

Interesante web con breves historias de autores filipinos. The Best Philippine Short Stories

Aquí tienen una introducción:

Welcome to the premiere issue of The Best Philippine Short Stories.

The Philippine literary scene has at least two problems: first, there aren’t enough readers among the more than seventy million people who live in the country; second, the good stories that make it to the traditional show cases often disappear into oblivion after publication.

Of those stories that get published, a few make it to anthologies but what happens to the other good ones? Even those that get anthologized don’t fare too well. Typical Philippine book runs of one or two thousand copies really don’t amount to much in terms of exposure.

This is where The Best Philippine Short Stories comes in. We will actively seek outstanding Philippine stories and provide a showcase for them to the world.

Why an ezine? Primarily because of the sheer number in its potential audience and the speed with which we can distribute the stories worldwide.

Until recently, literary ezines were of poor quality. In the early days of the web most of them were set up to showcase works of writers who found it hard to get their own stories published. That has changed. Today, you will find ezines that are professionally edited and their content is as good as any print publication that features short stories. Two of my favorites are Zoetrope: All-Story Extra and Mississippi Review.

I believe that the time is right for an ezine that features Philippine stories. The Best Philippine Short Stories isn’t the first of its kind. There were many before us. What they didn’t have was the consistency in quality and the regularity of delivery of fresh, contemporary Philippine stories. When we started working on this concept a few months ago, we had no idea what kind of time, effort, and resources it would take to deliver a quality ezine. Now we know and cannot be too hard on those who pioneered the way.

We don’t have a problem in finding great stories. We do find them. Our problem is the difficulty of contacting the authors of these fine stories. We hope Philippine magazine editors will see that this ezine fills a need and will help us get in touch with these writers.

We will start out as a bimonthly publication and hope to go monthly as soon as we hit our stride. We hope we can get sponsors to donate a modest prize for the story of the year that will be selected by a board of judges. Of course, our ultimate goal is to be able to offer at least a token honorarium to all writers who appear in our ezine.

It will not always be possible to have a theme for a particular issue but we will try to match up stories whenever we can. In this issue, we offer two views on what we’ll call “unauthorized love” for lack of a better term.

So read away or print out the stories. Enjoy!

H.O. Santos, Editor




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