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  3. US to expand Asia role without permanent bases
  4. Russia’s Putin to visit China – Channel NewsAsia.
  5. Presidential election 2012 in India – The Times of India
  6. Japan protests over Korean builders on Kuril islands (+ artículos relacionados) – The Chosun Ilbo
  7. China issues advisory on India visit day ahead of Krishna’s vist
  8. Korea braces for impact of Eurozone crisis
  9. U.S. shifting bulk of warships to Asia-Pacific
  10. Japanese companies meet the “monster parents” A revival of familism in Japan?
  11. Publicación de la obra Shahnameh: The Persian Book of Kings para niños
  12. Turkish women protest proposal to limit abortion
  13. The “Left behind children” of China – 05/06/12
  14. US wants India to play more active role in Afganistan 06/06/12
  15. Myanmar’s Suu Kyi to visit France on June 26 06/06/12
  16. Myanmar media warns of sectarian anarchy 10/06/12
  17. Bangladesh refuses more Rohingya fleeing Myanmar 13/06/12
  18. Indian tobacco industry uses 1.7 million Indian child labourers 13/06/12
  19. Millions of N. Koreans suffer chronic food shortages: UN – 13/06/12
  20. Top official says Malaysia has claimed seven Indonesian cultures . 19/06/12
  21. Philippines: Chinese boats leave disputed lagoon – 25/06/12
  22. Japanese companies starting to wise up – 25/06/12
  23. Korea faces oil shortage as EU’s Iran Sanctions bite – 27/06/12






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